Saturday, September 01, 2007


A tidal wave of gratitude as I walk from your rooms
I exhale and say Amen to the day with my girls
Messy hands, smiling toothless grins
Tippy toes and scraped knees
My heart longs for when you will hug me again
Remorse for the minutes lost with you today in busyness
Pride for the minutes spent connecting with you each
Singing silly songs
Snacking on carrots
Quiet table time
A moment for Mama
Click, click, snap
Click, click, snap
Click, click, snap
No, we can’t watch a movie…we’re almost there
Yes, that’s a BMW like Daddy’s
What an honor to behold them
To hold them and kiss them
To hear Mama and Mommy and Mammia
To see expressions of abandon turn to expressions of glee
as I round the corner
Thank you, Lord…you have leased me these miracles
Living and breathing only by your grace
And moving and growing by your voice
Let me know them one more day
Let me grow them here for You
For your glory and purpose
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you
Four your glory and purpose
Here or there
They are ours
I am grateful

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Kate said...

Such gorgeous writing! I loved your hilarious comment on my blog. I miss you!!