Monday, November 12, 2007

My Little Middle

No, the title of this post is no reference to my midsection, though I wish it was. Three babies later and I’m not sure if it ever will be. But I digress.

I want to tell you a little about Charley. It seems that since I’ve started this blog, my life has been consumed with being Sophie’s mom and I don’t want anyone to think that even for a second my heart bleeds any less for my precious two other girls that I am raising here.

Charley is an amazing little 2 ½ year old girl that has me wrapped. Growing up the younger sibling of a boy with special needs, I have walked the same steps that Charley has. I have been the younger sister that learned things a little faster, that understood things a little better, that moved through specific tasks a little quicker and with less frustration. My heart breaks at the memory of finding more Easter eggs than him and learning to be sensitive the next year around. And much like me, Charley has become an amazing little nurturer. I am never surprised when I hear from the living room “Oh, iz okay, sweehart.” Charley is usually comforting someone or encouraging them, coddling them, or giggling with them.

She is the big sister to Edie. I am always impressed when I hear squeals coming from the kitchen where Edie and Charley are sharing a blanket. It makes me stop and smile, say a small prayer of gratitude and bask in that feeling of satisfaction in my existence.

Immediately upon waking, Sophie and Charley march into my bedroom. Sometimes they are together and sometimes they are separated by a few minutes. The other morning, Sophie started her day earlier and was sleeping tucked under my arm. I heard Charley come in, marching along, when she came to my side of the bed and was saying


Rewind two days. I finally decided to clean out from under Charley’s bed the cornucopia (remember this word ;)of junk that had been accumulating for the last couple of months…I reached under the bed to grab what I could reach and my hand tore into the nastiest, wettest, mushiest mess I have ever felt. I was terrified to think what it could have been. I lifted the mattress to find a tiny little rotting pumpkin (thanks, Shelly ;). It was horrible and disgusting and nauseating and green, but I got over it. The point of this little tangent is to tell you that in lifting the bed from it’s spot, we found a little rubber green alligator that we have been looking for for WEEKS. Literally. This alligator has been everywhere with us and is a favorite toy for both of the girls (Edie likes it, too). Needless to say, we were ecstatic. There was a huge explosion of thank you, mommy!s and YOU FOUND IT?!s. It was awesome. We were all so excited. Soph slept with the aowgator that night and has carried it around since.

So in comes Charley (Cholla as Soph calls her), marching in and as softly and sweetly as you could ever imagine says

Sophia, I found you alligator…here you go….

Sophie says Thank you, Cholla.

Alex and I both melt at her consideration for her older sister and how this just comes so naturally for her. What an awesome feeling..

This week Alex peeked in on the girls before a long bike ride down to the beach. Kissing each girl on the cheek, Charley responds with

Be careful, Daddy.

Oh boy, so sweet. What a lover.

The stories could go on and on about Charley…about how much she has taught me as a TDK, and how much I still have to learn about being a Mommy to twins born 22 months apart. I am so thankful that Charley is who she is…she is stubborn and willfull, yet funny and compassionate. She loves making people laugh and aches for smiles and giggles from Edie. “She not laughing, mama…” she says with a frown. She is a pleaser and a cuddler and she is in love with her sisters. She is my happy girl who jumps at any empty lap and abandoned blanket. She is agile and tough, often taking a thrown elbow to the side of the head from her big, or a nice eye gouge from her little.

Charley has taught me that I CAN potty train my children, that I DO have enough counter space for her tiny little teezo, and that I AM so beyond blessed by having her as my sweet little middle.

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Kelly said...

aw! it is always a treasure how much we love each of our children differently. hard to believe they are all so different, and yet so much alike!