Friday, September 19, 2008


The weather is unbelievably incredible today in sunny south Florida, the breeze off the lake is cool and comfortable and the only sounds I hear are of my children satisfied and occupied. Mmmmmm. Very cool.

I know that this could all change in an instant, and probably will, so I will bathe right now in this moment. In this moment, God’s favor is all over this place. I am awakened to His smile on my life, right here, right now. Though I am deserving no more than a miserable death, He once again unbelievably pardons me and demonstrates love toward me that no human is ever capable of.

Oh, how sweet. How incredibly sweet. And I am so grateful.

Does this mean everything is great? That today holds nothing but immeasurable satisfaction? No. No way. I’m living in a fallen world. Unfortnately, the prince of the air is here and I am a resident. I will be alienated, disappointed, angered, offended, and all of those other human emotions that are so much a part of this place. Most likely, absolutely, without question, before this day is over, I will separate myself from my God by my own mouth, will and thoughts. I will do the things I hate, and hate the things I do, just like Paul.

But I have a promise. I have a promise that though I am so flawed, so wrong, so helpless, I have an out. The price is already paid and the nails have already been set. Though I have chosen death for myself in every act of willful defiance, I have been promised life. Forever. I have been given the second chance that I have longed for. though the red stamp on the application of my life should say REJECTED, it says ACCEPTED… though I should be riding straight into hell at 1000 miles an hour in the Devil’s handbasket, I am ushered softly into the arms of forgiveness, grace and mercy. Wow. That’s good stuff.

So, I will embrace every moment, though the breeze may turn into stifling humidity, sounds of children playing turn into raging screams of terror, and my home becomes deserving of a government declared disaster area, I will remember that I am favored, never forgotten and unbelievably forgiven.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Our weather has been nice here in Illinois too. Probably doesnt top your Florida weather though!


Where you been, friend? I live vicariously through you now . . . LOL. Update when you can.