Thursday, July 09, 2009

Word Search

Man, I'm tired. I'm just plum wore out.

And I really wish there was something to show for it. But there isn't, really. Mentally and physically exhausted, I've worked through this day with my jaw locked and my brow furrowed. I've spoken thousands and thousands of words, but feel like they fell straight to the floor and landed in a big puddle around my feet.

Every once in a while a little person would come pick one up...usually 'lunch' or 'cookie'. They liked those. But the others went out of my mouth and straight to the floor.

I picture some of them making it a few feet away, landing and bouncing around a corner, but the words sometimes just don't get heard. It helps to make eye contact. It helps to be touching a shoulder or a hand while I'm speaking. The words pour out a lot more gracefully that way, too.

Not so much when I am angry. They come out way too fast to be caught. They have razor sharp edges and stick like little chinese stars. Ouch.

Sometimes they come out happy and bounce around like little walmart happy faces. And then they bounce back. That's always cool.

My favorite ones are pointed heavenly. They bounce around in my head for quite a while before I let them go...carrying my heart with them. Carrying my will...and making their way around, up, over, until I am quiet again.

Thank you Jesus, for hearing every word. For forgiving the ones that don't please you. For loving the ones that do. For sending your own to comfort, guide, and soothe.

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