Monday, January 05, 2009

THE weather man.

The heavens are telling the glory of God; they are a marvelous display of his craftsmanship. Day and night they keep on telling about God.Psalm 19:1,2

"The sun shines back here every morning and I am sad, almost ashamed that I miss this amazing rebirth every morning. I know you aren't about shame; so I will not dwell in it, but I do mourn the many days behind me that I have lost because of my lack of sleep, discipline, zeal. Today is a new day though, and the way the sun is rising here is just another reminder of your faithfulness. I can feel your fingertips on my eyelashes as that huge ball of fire rises above the lake and kisses me through the trees. You are always with me, aren't you? You can be found at any moment if I believe that you are part of me. I can be full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. i can own all of those amazing gifts by abiding in you and finding my address on your street."

Overcast. Yesterday at this time, the sunrise was tickling my eyelashes and the chair I sat in felt like the inside of God's own palm.

Today the skies are white with billows of cotton, almost like the ground covered in snow on a wintry non-South Florida morning. I see the blue skies just behind the blanket of clouds waiting to make themselves seen in His time.

Instead of the warmth I felt yesterday, there is a chill in the air that only makes you slightly uncomfortable. Just enough to want a sweatshirt and until you go and get it, that discomfort will persist like a little five year old hungry for breakfast.

Though today is different than yesterday and the chair that I sat in yesterday is slightly damp and cold from the dew that hasn't burned off, I shouldn't feel any farther from God than I did yesterday.

But the truth is that I do. I know, it is so human of me. So conditional, so inflexible. But true.

A good friend and I were talking over coffee the other day and I mentioned that God has been so patient with me. Her response was "He's such a gentleman, isn't he?"

Uh. She was so right. So patient. So understanding. So tolerant. Though I awakened this morning disappointed that the sun was hidden, and was content in thinking that God's amazing miracle of one more day was just ok, He still meets me here.

He meets me here on this chilly back porch, from where I sit I see the chaos and confusion of two pink bicycles, a blue rubber ball hiding under the hedge, molded plastic cars that are poised and ready for their drivers. I see a lone flip flop that holds beauty that makes me gasp. I see Jesus here, in mismatched patio furniture, unfinished projects, and a stuffed puppy in the backyard baptismal font (the bird bath).

Yesterday, I felt the sunrise all over me...His sweet daily embrace. But that was yesterday. It was a different forecast with a different perspective. Today, an even greater gift - seeing another version of His physical miraculous in a world of extreme, undiluted blessing. My backyard.

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Another inspiring post. I've missed your insightful commentary, my friend ... but understand about some much needed quiet in todays chaotic world.

Hope you are doing well.